Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says: Madras. Tandoori. And Never The Twain Shall Meet.

This is their destiny. After all, Madras is Madras and Tandoori is Tandoori, And never the twain shall meet!!!

For those who are confused, allow me to explain. Madras is the erstwhile Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu in India. Tamilians are mostly staunch vegetarians and are very careful about their diet. They religiously avoid non-veg food and some Tamilians we know, also avoid the use of garlic in their food. On the contrary, Tandoor is a large earthen oven or barbeque using charcoal, mostly used in the northern India to cook non-vegetarian food such as chicken and lambs. It is for this reason that a ‘Madrasi’ and a ‘Tandoor’ are poles apart.

But travel has its share of amusing moments. We found one while walking in the old city of Lyon, France. Lo and behold, Madras and Tandoori have met here and seem to be in peaceful co-existence. Couldn’t stop myself from ‘catching them in the act’ and showing it to the rest of the world.

Europe 514

My highest regards are for both the communities – Those belonging to Tamil Nadu and those who are from North India. Some of our closest friends are from both these states — hence, please please take it in the spirit intended. Have a good laugh and turn over, till we find something amusing again 


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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says: Madras. Tandoori. And Never The Twain Shall Meet.”

      1. I do, maybe one day I’ll be there, and for temporary I explore inside my country at first.

        I love savoury and spicy foods. Even I keep madras curry powder in my kitchen as I love to add it in my recipes. 😀

  1. Ha ha ha, could this perhaps have been a Dosa AND Tandoori joint? 😀 And oh, just to set a common misconception straight, not all Tamilians are vegetarians!

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